Postage Stamps: 100 Years Natuurmonumenten (2005)

Eight stamps commemorating the Jubileum of the Dutch Natural Monuments Foundation. Each of the stamps celebrate a native species found in preserved nature areas of the Netherlands.

Dutch post and the conservation institute required photographically accurate depiction of the animals and plants, which inspired us to work on a collage-style layout that would be playful while correct. The sheet would show the full animal or plant in its natural surroundings. The individual stamps would play with cropping and feature a bit of whimsical typography.

Graphic overlays suggest watermarks and translate the physical properties of the natural area celebrated in the stamps – wind, water for the wetland stamp sheet (Naardermeer), and polen, sand for the heathland stamp sheet (Brunnsummerheide).

Designed in cooperation with Gabrielle Marks and Aldje van Meer. Together we formed a studio called Airplant. It rocked.

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