PublicSpaces intro (2021)

Short video that kicked off the PublicSpaces conference held in Amsterdam March 2021. PublicSpaces is a coalition of organisations – from public broadcasters to debate centers, from libraries to innovation hubs and skate parks – set out to implement an ecosystem of internet tools to strengthen the public domain.

The video evokes a manifesto and combines the graphic languages of coding (typed-in text, monospace font) and of landscape design (a map of Amsterdam’s Vondelpark). The citizen figure is inspired by Gerd Arntz’s Isotype.

The audio is a voice collage recorded at home by friends and colleagues during the ongoing Covid lockdown. The music track by the mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder brings a quirky and positive mood to the story.

Design and animation: Rogério Lira
Music: Breakmaster Cylinder (PersonB)
Script: Leonieke Verhoog and Rogério Lira

Bert Kommerij
Lidija Zelović
Santiago Piñol
Kari Robertson
Rogério Lira
Sergej Goekjian

Mix: Radboud Mens
PublicSpaces logo: Patrick de Bruijn

Commissioned by De Waag (Jens Rasmussen) and PublicSpaces (Leonieke Verhoog)

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